Alana Haim on Warpaint

Q: You recently asked people to please stop calling you a girl band -- that it’s "medieval." Do you have any other pet peeves about how the media portrays you or any pet peeves about how you’re perceived?
A: That’s the biggest one. It’s just still so weird to hear that people call us a girl band. It’s not even insulting to me, I just think it’s weird. It’s weird that it exists. I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said she’s so happy that girls have someone to look up to and we play all of our own instruments. But that should just be the norm. We have Warpaint at Coachella and they are incredible musicians. They are so killer. And there should just be more of us. It shouldn’t be a kitschy thing or some weird niche. It should just be like, "Oh shit, they play music. Duh." Throughout time, girls have always played music. People just forget. We are here to remind them.


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Let’s get a petition started to find all the photos from this shoot k? Because it’s one of my favorites and I must see them all

I’ve been doing art most of my life, but the only thing that reaches the surface is music-related stuff: record artwork, posters, T-shirts, comic books, fanzines, photos and videos for the band. I went to school for art, but dropped out after two years to go on tour, and I never went back, because I’m still on tour. (x)

Hey hi. Next month I will be working at a book store and record store. I. Am. Excited. (But only for a couple weeks, the book store has to close 😢)